A little bit about Becca

Hello! Welcome to Becca’s Blog. I created this blog initially for a class, but I am hoping to use this as a professional webpage for my personal career development. To give you a little bit of background information about myself, I am a junior at Chadron State College with a major in Elementary Education, a minor in English, and an endorsement in Coaching grades 7-12. I graduated from high school in 2011 with honors. I was raised in Wyoming by two loving parents, one sibling, and a few other little four legged creatures.
One of the biggest things that I want people to know about me is that I am very passionate about education. I find education to be a powerful tool that prevents poverty, and other horrible things in the world. There really is no limit to what a person can learn! I have a passion for learning, and I feel that by becoming a teacher, I am able to share my passions and beliefs with kids. Kids are fun, creative, have great imaginations, and I love to work with them.
This blog is used for anything that is related to education. I want to receive as much information as I can before I enter the teaching world and have my own classroom, so please feel free to share with my about some useful things that could work in classrooms such as lesson plans, activities, news articles, and even books. One thing that you will notice about my blog is that I like to talk about books that I have read, and share them with teachers who may want to use them in the classroom. I am obsessed with books, and I like to promote reading as much as possible with my friends and family.
I hope that you find this blog interesting, informative and helpful to you as you read the things I post. Please leave comments or questions if you have any! Feedback is much appreciated!
Ms. Becca


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